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Choosing the Best Knife Sharpeners in 2015

When attempting to choose a whetstone for sharpening your favorite knife, the number of choices can be mind boggling. Therefore, you should be aware that sharpening systems are first divided into two categories which consist of those that employ a jig to hold the blade at the

Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Pocket Knife

When I look at a knife manufacturer’s Web site these days, I have to admit that I am a little bit confused. You see, when I was growing up, our idea of an “every-day-carry” knife consisted of one of the many different types of traditional pocket knives

Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Folding Knife

To me, a “folding knife” is a large, single bladed or double bladed, working knife that is carried every day either in a belt pouch or in a back pocket in conjunction with a traditional pattern pocket knife and which is used to perform cutting jobs for

Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Hunting Knife

As every avid hunter is undoubtedly aware, a properly designed and well built hunting knife is an absolutely essential tool for field dressing and removing the hide from harvested game animals. However, with all of the different designs, materials, and manufacturers on the market today, simply looking

Best Survival Knife Guide

Anyone with experience surviving in the wilderness will likely agree that a properly designed and constructed survival knife is Man’s best friend. In fact, with a good survival knife in hand, you can gather the materials necessary to construct a survival shelter, start a fire with your